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We are an online media whose mission is to provide trend-seeking, style minded people with the latest,  hottest, exclusive, and unique global news .  We consistently offer the most up-to-date information and news encompassing the issues that are life-enriching. The newly revamped features offer these channels: This Month, Fashion, Style, Modern, Food, Arts and Travel. These offerings will certainly provide an entree for our  exclusive, trend-setting audience into  the most cutting edge news.

The Elite section, our newly extended service, is one of our ways to provide a more interactive and inspiring experience for our readers.  We offer one of a kind seminars and workshops from some of the giants in their respective fields for our participants to fully realize their dreams.

Branding is another whole new division that function as an extension to our marketing services. 

Our Members
Since 2005, we have collectively built a committed readership of over 1,000,000 members. The majority of them are from the Pan-Asia, UK and North American regions.  Thus, Z-para.com has a  weekly hit rate with a frequency to the tune of 3,000,000.  Our readers consists of worldwide trend-setters in all discipline who are keen on getting the hottest news on their interests to better their quality of life.  Moreover, they have the acquired the purchasing power to match.

Our Partners

For years, we have maintained and benefited from our strong relationship with our network of associates.  This has engendered powerful results in our efforts to achieve all of our goals. These will surely continue.  

As always, we welcome any potential partnership or business opportunity.  We eagerly await your interesting ideas to realize these possibilities.

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