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Meet #INVISIBLEPOOBAG - A truly plastic-free, biodegradable pet waste bag
Green Common goes into the realm of pet supplies that reduce carbon pawprint

Committed to promote green living in all-encompassing aspects, Green
Common recently has entered in the realm of pet supplies which are carefully sourced for
sustainability conscious “pawrents” and their beloved pets. Since its launch, local brand Invisible
Company aims to create end-to-life solutions to plastic crisis.


Green Common introduces its latest
product, #INVISIBLEPOOBAG, as one of the ways to reduce carbon pawprint and environment
impact. Reducing carbon pawprint, one paw at a time
With 221,000 dogs1in Hong Kong each producing about 340g of waste a day – or more than 70,000
kg in total – leaving behind pet waste is unhealthy for people, other dogs and the environment. Also,
many people use plastic bags to pick up their pet waste which ends up in the landfill.


conventional plastic polymers (PP, PE, PS, PVC) may biodegrade but this process can take decades
and even then, they will fragment into microplastics, which end up in our oceans and waterways.
Even if pet waste bags are labelled as compostable, most industrial composting facilities do not
accept pet wastes due to the harmful bacteria, parasites, and pathogens found in the faces. With
#INVISIBLEPOOBAG, the latest product of Invisible Company, you have a choice to discard or flush it.
Either way, it is better for the planet.

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is made of a biodegradable and water-soluble combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol,
starch, glycerin and water. It has been tested in landfill simulated conditions and proven to
biodegrade and has also been specifically designed to be flushed down the toilet, reducing the
amount of toxic plastic in our landfills. It has been especially designed for pet owners looking to find
an eco-friendly and convenient solution to dispose of their pet waste whilst reducing their carbon
pawprint and negative impact on the environment by replacing conventional plastic pet waste bags.

How to dispose of #INVISIBLEPOOBAG?
After using the bag to pick up pet waste, you can either dispose of it in a designated pet waste bin,
or drop the bag down the toilet and flush. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is truly biodegradable and has been
tested under ASTM D5511 requirements to determine landfill biodegradation under high-solids
anaerobic-digestion conditions and results showed 78% degradation in 45 days (a further 90 days
test is still on-going and the report will be released in June 2021).

If you flush it, it will be treated at a sewage plant where, after being consumed by microorganisms, it
will completely break down to only carbon dioxide and water with no formation of microplastics.
Remember, do not knot or tie #INVISIBLEPOOBAG before flushing and only ever flush one bag at a
time. We do not recommend using #INVISIBLEPOOBAG if your home is using a septic tank system.

#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is plastic-free, compostable, biodegradable and water-soluble, proven to be
non-toxic and leaves no harmful residues on earth. It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC and does not
form microplastic. It is made of a water-soluble and biodegradable combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol
(known as PVA), starch, glycerin and water. And the paper packaging box is also eco-friendly, using
unbleached paper and made from recycled material from FSC sustainably managed forests. Simply
recycle it after it’s consumed to offset your carbon footprint and pawprint.

Green Common is the exclusive retailer* to stock #INVISIBLEPOOBAG, while the product is also
available on Green Common e-shop. Each box (12 rolls x 10 bags) is sold at HKD$120. A range of
sustainable treats and essentials for cats and dogs is also introduced into Green Common’s “Pawfect
for the Planet” collection to promote ways of reducing carbon pawprint.

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