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"I wanted to show that the French savoir faire continues to evolved over the centuries"  - Zhor Tiber 

For the past 8 years, Moroccan-born French designer Zhor Tiber of the much celebrated fashion label Zhor & Néma has taken Hong Kong as her home away from home. Consistantly creating elegant yet urban-chic knitwear, her fans always anticipate on what she will bring to their wardrobe excitements each season. The jetsetting designer took time out of her frequent trips between here and Paris to have a chat with us

When Zhor invited our team to her studio for the interview, we never anticipated we were yanked out of Hong Kong and entered a domain that hardly feels like Hong Kong even the view at the balcony reminded us we are still within this city. In between the photographer's direction and our interview, Zhor Tiber was gracefully candid and detail about any subject we asked with the warmest smile that warmed up the entire atmosphere on a nippy afternoon. Her much beloved dog , Warhoal also eagerly wanted to steal her spotlight by getting involved with every move she made and striked his high fashion pose in his claimed throne (chair). All these made the Z-para crew almost hate to bring this interview to an end. Oh, the freeflow champagne to everyone was a nice touch to make the experience a very memorable one.

What is your inspiration for your collection ?


I was inspired by the French elegance of the18th century’s garments with their beautiful embroideries, the lightness of cotton fabrics and summer clothes with lace collar and chest plastron Guipure and of course the beauty of the Chantilly lace which is one of Zhor&Néma signatures.  I wanted to show that the French savoir faire continues to evolved over the centuries.I also like to imagine that my creations can show to my clients that French family lace makers have been maintaining their tradition and expertise for several generations.


You are very focus in knitwear. Any designers out there you like to collaborate with?


Indeed I love to create knitwear. This is a very technical work and through my training and my professional experience I’ve learned the technicalities of knitwear which requires not only a good design but also a good command of its manufacture. Few designers in my opinion really understand how a loom works and I concentrate on my collections which I create on my own.


Hong Kong is pretty much your second home, what is the most and least favorite thing about this city?


HK is a vibrant city and I love its skyline. It is very easy for me to live in HK and I love it. However I regret the fact that historical buildings have almost all disappeared, when you open a book about the old HK, you recognize nothing and there exists a nostalgia of what is gone forever.


What's your favorite food of all time?


Organic vegetables and fruits are my favorite food but also I just love caviar!


Is there anything you think Hong Kong needs to do for the betterment of living environment when it comes to pets?


The pets are ok, people who have pets are disciplined and the streets are clean and I like that. What I’d like to say is that for the betterment of living environment HK should have more cafe with terrasses where I can relax and bring Warhol

( Zhor's dog ) with me



Interview by Alvin Chu

Photos by Tony Kwok @Overnight Studio

Special Thanks to Sally Chu


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